Social Media and Telecom Infrastructure

The global standard solution to providing broadband Internet to residential and business customers is through asymmetric access based on ADSL or variant flavors of the same technology. Such circuits usually have 8:1 or even 16:1 ratio of downstream to upstream speeds. In the Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 world it is still expected that users will view and download more information than upload.

A user’s ability to participate in the sharing of their content possibly on any of the social media platforms will relatively depend upon the acceptance of low upstream speeds. As long as the amount of data and frequency of upload is low some users will accept the asymmetric imbalance typical of current DSL technologies. In a competitive market for broadband internet access the service provider should question whether user tolerance on asymmetric access will continue and whether the frequency and amount of data will remain the same over a period of time or should the service provider innovate to symmetric access taking in to consideration the increase in frequency and amount of data uploaded online and also to provide a competitive advantage over other service providers using asymmetric access. As content sharing on social media platforms explodes in Pakistan and around their will be a growth in demand for upstream speeds matching current download stream circuits. As a consequence the transport layer will be carrying more network traffic making it critical the replacement of current DSL based access network with fiber optic based access network. Fiber can provide the high speed symmetrical bandwidth needed for increasing Web 3.0 content and the associated sharing concepts.


We at iPOP believe that social media platforms increase in user generated content is pushing telecoms to move from traditional copper based infrastructure to fiber optic based last mile solutions. The sooner service providers realize the future requirements the better they will be positioned in a competitive broadband internet market.

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