In the last four decades the Internet has grown from an experimental academic service to the sophisticated global network of networks we see today. During this period the complexity of its societal implications has become ever more obvious, as well as the many ways it shapes our lives especially in developing countries like Pakistan. Grounded in a determination to measure, understand and explain the Internet’s multi-faceted interactions and effects on our society, iPOP research projects are committed to being an informed, independent and nonpartisan source of the highest quality analysis and insight in all our research and policy-related activities.

Focus AreaS

  • Society and Internet

How is Pakistani society being shaped by the diffusion and increasing centrality of the Internet in everyday life and work? By bringing together leading research that addresses some of the most significant cultural, economic, and political roles of the Internet. iPOP provides highest quality insights in understanding the issues of next generation Internet users.

  • Freedom of Expression and Censorship

The last few years signify the transition period in human history which has left a permanent impression on the media, Internet, politics and activism. On one hand we have seen the rise of freedom of expression using new technologies like in Pakistan black movement, the famous Arab Spring and on the other hand the NSA Mass Surveillance of societies has highlighted the grim situation at national and international levels with Internet censorship and data surveillance been globally accepted. iPOP believes its important to understand the state of Internet Freedoms in the country to better prepare for next phase of Internet development and avoid for the Internet of becoming a continuous electronic surveillance network everywhere.

  • Broadband Access

Inadequate Broadband Access in rural and urban cities of Pakistan is becoming a serious issue for socio-economic development and reaping the benefits of information age. The research will look at the impact of slow broadband on public engagement with multiple resources and its affect on people’s performance at work, school and social life.

  • Cyber Security

The Center for Cyber Security capacity building at iPOP aims to research and deliver resources for effective cyber security. The knowledge gained from research will be shared with governments, policy makers, communities and organizations to enhance their capacity for a cyber space that can continue to grow and support well being, human rights and prosperity for all. The team from iPOP provides training and guidelines to government, communities, organizations and young individuals on best practices for cyber security.

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