Internet Policy Observatory Pakistan in collaboration with other leading international research institutes are involved in a wide variety of research projects that cover the themes of: Internet and society, Internet Censorship and Privacy, Regulation and Governance of the Internet, Broadband and Socio-Economic Growth.


The aim of this research study is to investigate in-depth the link between Internet Freedom, Internet usage and public perception towards Internet Censorship in Pakistan. Defending right to freedom of expression has been a long standing tradition in many developed countries but that’s not always been the case in many developing countries where government restrictions on all traditional medium of expressions are often accepted as a part of life.  With many of the Pakistanis getting access to the Internet for the first time and getting connected to a global community things may be beginning to change as evidence from Global South suggests that more of a country’s population that’s connected to the Web, the more likely it is that they’ll support ending government controls and censorship mechanism but is that truly the case for Pakistan is thoroughly investigated in this project supported by Internet Policy Observatory at Center for Global Communication Studies, University of Pennsylvania.

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