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Quetta, Nov, 25,2017

Suspension of News channel and Social Media 

Quetta 25 Dec 2017. Internet Policy Observatory Pakistan is extremely concerned over government undemocratic actions for suspending broadcast news channels and social media sites in Pakistan and urges for an immediate restoration of all services as its impacting daily public lives.

Quetta, April, 19, 2016

Government has Failed to Understand the Cyber Crime Phenomena

Quetta, Internet Policy Observatory Pakistan (iPOP) has claimed that passing of Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2015 will be detrimental for the growth and development of the internet in the country. Given the important role internet is set to play for economic development in Pakistan it is horrendous to see the despotic bill passed during presence of handful of parliamentarians in National Assembly. The Nazis destroyed the independence of the press by passing series of draconian laws and it seems we are exactly imitating the same with the freedom of the internet by passing Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill,

Quetta, February, 2016

iPOP Fully Supports Apple in Encryption Case

Quetta, The ongoing battle between law enforcement agencies and companies who champion the data scrambling technology took a new turn with U.S. Department of Justice attempting to compel Apple to build software that bypass non-encryption features of the iPhone in order to get at its currently encrypted contents. Internet Policy Observatory Pakistan supports Apple in this case and strongly opposes US government’s action.

Quetta, October 10, 2015

Government is Guilty of Selective Consultation on Cyber Crime Bill

Quetta, Internet Policy Observatory Pakistan (iPOP) has urged the government to include all stakeholders’ for consultation on Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2015 especially Civil Society organizations and IT experts from the province of Balochistan. At the moment the government is holding consultations with selective stakeholders acting as government surrogates. There is no transparency in the consultation process and a deep cover of secrecy is being wrapped around the bill.

Quetta, June 07, 2015

The Future of Internet in Pakistan is at Risk

Facebook Chief Mark Zuckerberg led partnership with Telenor in Pakistan is a very small step towards bridging the digital divide in Pakistan but sadly in the wrong direction. Telenor in collaboration with has launched access to free websites including the famous social media site Facebook among others to be accessed using the aim, as advertised on their website is connecting “two thirds of the world without access to the network”.

Quetta, April 24, 2015

Government Should Review Electronic Crimes Bill 2015.

Internet Policy Observatory Pakistan (iPOP) and a coalition of Digital Rights Organizations, technology companies and IT security experts has urged the government to review the new Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2015, which was passed by National Assembly standing committee on IT and Telecom.

The bill in its present form fails to offer a comprehensive solution to cyber security threats. Further, the bill contains inadequate protections for privacy and civil liberties. The government must reject any bill that imposes a fake compromise between security and our most basic rights said Arzak Khan Director iPOP. Accordingly, we request the government to take a robust approach to cyber security and seek consultations from all stakeholders’ including civil society, research institutes, policy think tanks, IT experts and most importantly people who use it for before passing any legislation. The Internet Policy Observatory Pakistan strongly opposes this bill in its current form.


Quetta, December 08, 2014

Internet Policy Observatory Pakistan Calls on PEMRA to enforced Censorship of News Channels across Balochistan.

Internet Policy Observatory Pakistan strongly condemns the forced closure of Pakistani News Channels across Balochistan by Students Organization BSO and Nationalist Party BNP and urges PEMRA to resolve the issue on immediate basis.

Major cities of Balochistan are witnessing an enforced censorship of news channels sadly by a Democratic Party BNP and student organization BSO over the issue of lack of media coverage for socio-economic and political issues of the Province.

International November 25, 2014

Internet Policy Observatory Pakistan co launches Global Coalition on Net Neutrality

Internet Policy Observatory Pakistan has joined the Global Coalition for Net Neutrality to highlight the importance of net neutrality to users and policy makers in Pakistan. The issue of Net Neutrality is very important for internet uses in Pakistan, as existing telecommunications law in the country, while prohibiting “unjust discrimination” by ISPs, does not effectively enforce net neutrality. The existing laws do not sufficiently prevent the possibility of ISPs offering tiered services to content providers, thereby turning the internet into a two-tiered network on which corporate content is prioritized over other content. Net neutrality means that every site on the internet runs on the same speed. That way, startups in Pakistan and other countries can compete with big Internet giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Google.


Quetta September 17, 2014

iPOP Calls for Broadband Competition Boost

Lack of competition in broadband market is limiting roll-out of essential high-speed services for consumers and businesses in Pakistan.

Director of Internet Policy Observatory Pakistan Mr. Khan while speaking at launching ceremony of fiber to the home network in Quetta said that Pakistan broadband market is being stifled by a lack of competition, resulting in lower access rates for consumers and businesses in the country.

Karachi, July 24, 2014

Using Terror to Silence Media in Pakistan

Internet Policy Observatory Pakistan condemns the use of terrorization and violence as a tool to silence the embattled TV news station Geo News after unidentified gunmen torched cable TV operator WorldCall’s premises in the southern city of Karachi on 19 July.

WorldCall along with other regional operators had only recently resumed transmission of Geo News, which a government agency suspended for 15 days last month.

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