Piracy without Borders

Anti Piracy plans have again actively hit the agenda of Governments around the world. For some unfathomable reasons the entertainment industry is trying to fight a lost battle in a war they lost in the 1990s when Napster first came online. All this fruitless exercise of lobbying for the future of entertainment industry seems very late at least ten years in my opinion. This war is long over and the entertainment industry already lost hands down.

Sometimes we just wonder who advises government in these things and where have they been for the past 10 years? Coming up with new outrageous legislations for disconnecting illegal file sharing on the internet, warnings of dire consequences are being advertised for anyone caught pirating copyrighted materials and off course trying to pressure governments in both developed and developing countries like Pakistan, India, China, Canada, Mexico, Spain to take action to curb illegal music and video piracy.

Just to give an example how fast is piracy spreading the time it took me to compile this post I have downloaded 15 music videos using a Wi-Fi connection which I than converted to Mp3 ready to be transferred to my iPhone, Mp3 player, a copy for the car MP3 and my external hard disk of 1TB full of music and video content which I will be sending to a friend abroad in few days time in an aunt’s luggage. These days I don’t think I have met anyone with a computer who does not have some pirated music tracks and videos. And then of course there is the offline activity. Swapping files player-to-player, and phone-to-phone using Bluetooth, USB leads and memory sticks is so easy to do, costs nothing and is almost impossible to detect and track. So I bet loads of people are doing it.

Now don’t the government advisors understand anything they just cant stop piracy rather than holding on to the business model which has miserably failed it’s time for the entertainment industry and their peers to move on to search for new sources of revenue. Unless they have a new department of government inspectors visiting our homes to carefully check our hard drives, memory sticks, phones and music players to see if we have any pirated material. Then they will have to build new jails to house all the ‘offenders’. What wastage of time and intellectual resource.

I am done with the post and it’s time to enjoy my new collection of songs which the governments want to deny me or at least try.

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