iPOP Calls on PEMRA to Resolve Enforced Censorship of News Channels

Internet Policy Observatory Pakistan strongly condemns the forced closure of Pakistani News Channels across Balochistan by Students Organization BSO and Nationalist Party BNP and urges PEMRA to resolve the issue on immediate basis.

Major cities of Balochistan are witnessing an enforced censorship of news channels sadly by a Democratic Party BNP and student organization BSO over the issue of lack of media coverage for socio-economic and political issues of the Province.

iPOP believes PEMRA has a very important role to play in resolving such issues but the lack of interest shown by them in protecting freedom of information and expression leaves a question mark on their performance as a regulator.

In a democratic society freedom of expression and information are protected and government lack of concern in protecting them is a serious issue. Similarly, Journalists, media personnel and Cable TV operators have been victims for a decade as they are the networks that raise voices for freedom of expression and freedom of expression in Pakistan. The constant negligence and failure of government to protect them in the region will result in increasing censorship and media freedom in the country. As part of civil society we should stand up and support people who are protecting our values for freedom of information and expression.

iPOP appeals to leaders of both political parties, PEMRA and Pakistan Broadcasting Association to immediately end the forced censorship of news channels across Balochistan.

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