iPOP Tactical Operations (TOPS)

Internet Policy Observatory Pakistan tactical operations team can establish satellite based communications system so government agencies, humanitarian organizations and people impacted by disasters such as earthquake, floods, cyclones can coordinate relief efforts and be provided proper information management and early warning system.

As seen in Pakistan’s worst natural disasters i.e. earthquake in 2005 and flooding in 2010 normal telecommunication networks were disrupted and communication infrastructure was severely damaged leaving government agencies and relief organizations with a colossal challenge of coordinating and communicating relief operations.


Communication technologies are becoming a critical element for any disaster response. Internet Policy Observatory tactical operations team headed by it’s founder Arzak Khan have the expertise to establish emergency networks for first responders and relief organizations. iPOP tactical operations team is a highly trained skilled team that responds to disasters in areas where normal telecommunications networks have been destroyed by natural calamities. The tactical operations team also called the A-Team is a group of volunteers that can quickly assemble and respond to disasters.


How we do Tactical Operations?

  • Tactical Operations team uses portable satellite communications equipment to provide voice and data communications for aid workers who rely on these tools to coordinate logistics and deliver lifesaving supplies.
  • Provide vital ICT Support (Internet, Telephone, Sat-phone and E-mail) to first responders and relief organizations.
  • Establish multiple communications center equipped with internet, phone and radio capabilities. In addition, iPOP tactical operations team also provides free phone calls to people living in temporary camps and shelters.
  • Establish dedicated communication center for women enabling them to communication and reconnect them with displaced family members.                   


Internet Policy Observatory Pakistan Tactical Operations (TOPS) depends upon the support of its donors which include Civil Society Organizations, Service Providers, Government Organizations and Private sector enterprises who support us by donating computers, communication equipment’s and financial support. If you would like to support our disaster operations please do get in touch with head of TOPS on director(attherate)ipop.org.pk

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