Information Warfare

The globally connected information world has become a key battlefront in the ongoing war against terrorism, with all parties increasingly engaged in the production, distribution and mobilization of content to support their cause. The capability of worldwide users to access the images and stories directly through blogs, mass emails and popular video-sharing sites such as YouTube, Facebook , Twitter and MySpace is opening up a new window on modern warfare that throws into sharp relief the ways in which mainstream media and governments cover the dark reality of war. The firsthand unedited testimonials offer the public uncensored insights into the dark, violent and depraved faces of warfare. What is most striking about war coverage in traditional news media is that the images are so relatively bloodless, and seldom hint at the capacity of modern warfare machinery to destroy the human tissue. The media tends to support the government course of action during military operations, and privilege the official version of events. However, new media technology has made it more difficult for nation states to control the information crossing their borders. The information front is no longer confined to traditional mass media, but extended to an increasingly porous and fast global communication space owing to the growth of social media networking platforms.

Social networking sites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook have become an active source of information feeding platform for governments, special interest groups, corporations and like minded people on a global scale.

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