Government has Failed to Understand the Cybercrime Phenomena

Quetta, Internet Policy Observatory Pakistan (iPOP) has claimed that passing of Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2015 will be detrimental for the growth and development of the internet in the country. Given the important role internet is set to play for economic development in Pakistan it is horrendous to see the despotic bill passed during presence of handful of parliamentarians in National Assembly. The Nazis destroyed the independence of the press by passing series of draconian laws and it seems we are exactly imitating the same with the freedom of the internet by passing Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill, said Arzak Khan internationally renowned Cyber Security expert.

We at Internet Policy Observatory Pakistan were hoping that the government will be more responsible with the drafting of the bill as it affects millions of internet users in the country with inadequate protections for privacy and human rights but it seems that the bill has been drafted to benefit the aristocracy, said Arzak Khan. The bill is vague and fails to understand the cybercrime phenomena that require a multistakeholder approach to tackle complex technical and legal issues. The sections of the bill aim to criminalize innovation and development a critical part responsible for the success of the very internet we know today said, Arzak.

The globalization of the internet is expected to increase the share of developing countries in the internet economy presenting a historic opportunity for Pakistanis to improve their economic condition but with the bill instead of aiming to promote the use of technologies is more inclined towards discouraging it’s use said, Arzak Khan.

The Internet Policy Observatory Pakistan believe that the government has failed to understand the nature of cybercrime phenomena and seems to be determined to address it using the narrow hole of national security without considering its impact on innovation and long term sustainability.

You can download the copy of the bill passed by National Assembly Copy.

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