Center for Cyber Security Pakistan

Internet Policy Observatory recognizes and welcome that Pakistani society is becoming increasingly digitized, interconnected and dependent on the cyber domain for communication, innovation and sustainable social development and economic growth. To fully reap the benefits of information and communication technology, further investments are needed to ensure a free, open and secure cyberspace. As a consequence, inclusive and greater collaboration in the area of capacity building and exchange of expertise within the cyber domain is rapidly becoming one of the most important topics on the international cyber agenda.

We realize the need to strengthen and build new partnerships; enhance institutional capacity where it is most needed. We aim to develop a mutually reinforcing relationship with relevant institutions and develop practitioner networks that will have an enduring impact on global cyber capacity in the Region.

The Center for Cyber Security at the Internet Policy Observatory Pakistan aims to research and deliver resources for effective cyber security. The knowledge gained from research is shared with governments, policy makers, communities and organizations to enhance their capacity for a cyber space that can continue to grow and support well being, human rights and prosperity for all. The team of security professionals at the Observatory provide training’s and guidelines to government, communities, organizations, civil society and young individuals on best practices for cyber security and staying safe online.


If your organization is interested in participating or collaborating with Center for Cyber Security please feel free to contact us.

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