Bridging the Digital Divide in Schools of Balochistan

The majority of low income households in Pakistan are on the wrong side of the digital and knowledge divide; the capacity of these households to engage in the knowledge society is grossly under-developed and under-utilized. Young children in these low income households  are at risk of becoming increasingly marginalized in the knowledge society, where much more than access to and use of information technology is at stake.

As part of our commitment to Close The Digital Gap Internet Policy Observatory Pakistan is involved in providing computers and internet access to primary schools in the Province of Balochistan. Given the success of the program requests for setting up computer labs with internet access in increasing.


Primary School Children requesting ipop for establishing Computer Lab with internet access

Internet-based technologies and tools enhance learning outcomes. Broadband-enabled educational tools facilitate more interactive, personalized instruction, which has been found to improve learning outcomes. Many online academic enrichment services use video, animation, sound, and interaction to help children learn, to excite them about a topic, and to reinforce concepts learned in class. High-capacity broadband is increasingly necessary to view multimedia Web sites and if you think you or your organization can support this volunteer project do get in touch with us.

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