iPOP (Internet Policy Observatory Pakistan) conducts public interest research on ICT policy and regulation in Pakistan. It provides researchers, governments, regulators, operators, multilateral institutions, development agencies and community organizations with the information and analysis required to develop innovative and appropriate policies for modern age digital technologies. iPOP contributes to the gathering of up to date ICT data and establish repository of information for furthering research and policy formulation on Internet Regulation, Surveillance, Privacy, Net-Neutrality, Media Regulation and Freedom of Expression. The Observatory also aims to promote interaction between researchers, activists, academics and institutions for conducting public interest ICT policy research and campaigns.

Our Vision

Fostering the development of Internet in Pakistan.


Promote policies for open and transparent Information Communication Technologies for everyone in Pakistan by researching technological, social and political trends in Internet Policy.

To help achieve our mission: Internet Policy Observatory Pakistan (iPOP) seeks to deepen understanding of the following:

  • The Evolution of mechanisms and processes that affect domestic Internet policies.
  • The legal, political, economic, international and social factors that influence the implementation, or non-implementation, of such policies;
  • The voice of citizens in domestic Internet and Media Policy processes and controls;
  • Promotes professional development and build community to foster participation and leadership in areas important to the evolution of the Internet;
  • Promote free exchange of ideas and information using digital technologies;
  • Highlight emerging threats, opportunities and new thinking for Internet growth.
  • Build strategies and partnership across stakeholder groups for the creation of strategic coalitions on identified issues.


The Observatory was established in honor of Monroe Price former Director Center for Global Communication Studies, University of Pennsylvania to study the economic and social implications of media, communication and information innovations of our digital age.


Monroe Price

The Founder and Director of Internet Policy Observatory Pakistan is Arzak Khan, who is greatly inspired by the work of Monroe and had deep discussions with him during his fellowship at Oxford University. Arzak works with the support of dedicated staff, research assistants and a wide range of visiting researchers. Arzak is also advised by an outstanding advisory board that draws from industry, academia, government and civil society.


Arzak Khan at Oxford University

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